Alligator in Canal

Helene Walsh:
Stories are circulating. Multiple sightings. Reported to coast guard -wildlife- alligator department. It took me about 2 hours on the phone only to learn I was not alone in reporting the sighting.

Bruce Smith:
I have been given the phone number of the Trapper who will come here and remove the Alligator in our canal. I need to know as soon as the Gator is sighted and where in the canal he is, and what direction he is going. The Coast Guard can only refer us to the Fla. Wild Life Agency, and they will refer you to the Fla. Alligator Alert Agency who will have a licensed trapper contact us within 48 hrs, which by then the Gator will probably be long gone.

So you watchful folks, walking the Boardwalk, please call me on the Harbormaster's cell phone, (239) 823-2061, when ever the Gator is sighted.